What are non-withdrawable USDt credits?

Non-withdrawable USDt credits are bonuses provided as part of marketing or incentive campaigns. These credits are designed to increase a Participant margin balance and provide them with additional (or initial) trading capital. 

Here's what you need to know about non-withdrawable USDt credits:

  1. Purpose: These credits are issued to users as rewards for participating in specific promotions, referrals, or other marketing campaigns organized by Thalex.
  2. Usage: Non-withdrawable USDt credits can be utilized to boost the margin balance of your trading account. These credits allow you to open (larger) positions on Thalex.com
  3. Limitations: non-withdrawable USDt credits cannot be withdrawn. They serve no other function besides increasing an accounts margin balance. 
  4. Profit Withdrawal: While the credits themselves cannot be withdrawn, any accumulated USDt profits generated from trading with these credits are fully withdrawable. This means that if you make successful trades using non-withdrawable USDt credits, you can withdraw the profits earned from those trades.
  5. Providing Opportunities: Non-withdrawable USDt credits provide users with additional (or initial) trading capital . This allows traders to explore new strategies and potentially increase their profitability. However, it should be noted this may increase your risk profile, and, as such, you are encouraged to monitor the risk of your account at all times and not to take excessive risk, or risk you are uncomfortable with.