Excluded Jurisdictions

Thalex does not offer services to persons from the following the jurisdictions (i.e. the Excluded Jurisdictions):

(i)       Afghanistan

(ii)      Cuba

(iii)     Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

(iv)     Ontario (Canada)

(v)      Guam

(vi)     Iran

(vii)    Iraq

(viii)   Japan

(ix)     Myanmar

(x)      Puerto Rico

(xi)     Samoa

(xii)    Somalia

(xiii)    Sudan

(xiv)    Syrian Arab Republic

(xv)     United Kingdom (retail only)

(xvi)    United States

(xvii)   Virgin Islands (U.S.)

(xviii)  Self-proclaimed Republic of Crimea

(xix)    Self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic

(xx)     Self-proclaimed Luhansk People's Republic

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