What source of wealth documentation does Thalex accept

If we request you to provide documentation evidencing your source of wealth, you should provide one of the documents listed below, depending on where your wealth has come from.  

  1. Savings from salary (basic and/or bonus) 
    • Original or certified copy of a pay check (or bonus payment) 
    • Latest audited accounts (if self-employed) and company bank statement 
  2. Sales of investments / liquidation of investment portfolio 
    • Trading data exports from crypto exchanges showing your profits 
    • Bank statement clearly showing receipt of funds and investment company name 
  3. Sale of property
    • Certified copy sales contract 
    • Signed letter from estate agent or solicitor  
  4. Inheritance or gift 
    • Grant of probate (with a copy of the will), which must include the value of the estate 
    • Donor’s source of wealth (requirements of evidence as stated above for each individual source of wealth and a letter from the donor confirming details of the gift) 
    • Signed letter from a solicitor 
  5. Company profits or sale of company 
    • Certified copy of latest audited company accounts 
    • Copy of contract of sale, plus bank statement showing proceeds 
  6. Gambling/lottery 
    • Bank statement clearly showing receipt of funds and name of casino/gambling venue/lottery 
  7. Crypto mining 
    • Details of wallet address(es) which were involved in the mining activity and description of mining activity