What are Thalex contract specifications

Thalex offers options, perpetuals and futures contracts with Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) as the underlying. Thalex also offers roll instruments, which are tradable combinations to simultaneously buy and sell a perpetual and a future or two futures with the same underlying. 

Contracts listed on Thalex have been designed with the trader in mind. As a result, our contracts may differ from those offered by other major cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges. The key features include: 

  • Contracts are settled in the settlement coin (USDt). There is no physical settlement of the underlying. 
  • Positions in any of the Thalex contracts are supported by one universal multi-collateral pool, consisting of any combination of the eligible collateral assets. 
  • Accounts on Thalex use portfolio margin for optimal capital efficiency, as margin requirements are reduced for hedged positions. 
  • Combinations of futures and perpetuals can be traded through our future roll instruments, allowing futures spreads to be traded in one order. 
  • Exotic combinations can be traded through our RFQ functionality, allowing multi-leg options and/or futures strategies, in any size.  

Please see our Contract Specifications for more information.