When are futures introduced

Futures are introduced at 08:00 UTC on the day of introduction.  

Maturity Introduction
Daily Daily
Weekly Friday
Monthly Last Friday of the month
Quarterly Last Friday of February, May, August and November


Instrument Maturity Introduced at 08:00 UTC on Expires at 08:00 UTC on
BTC-19MAY22 Daily Tuesday 17 May 2022 Thursday 19 May 2022
BTC-20MAY22 Weekly Friday 29 April 2022 Friday 20 May 2022
BTC-27MAY22 Monthly Friday 25 March 2022 Friday 27 May 2022
BTC-30DEC22 Quarterly Friday 27 May 2022 Friday 20 December 2022

Please see our Contract Specifications for more information.