What are the requirements to create a Request For Quote (RFQ)

Before an RFQ can be created, the following requirements must be met: 

  1. The creating account must have sufficient margin to execute at least one side (buy or sell the total combination).  
  2. At least one leg must be long (‘buy’). 
  3. Each leg must have a positive quantity.
  4. Each leg must refer to an outright contract, and not to a combination instrument. 
  5. Each quantity must conform to the regular minimum contract size and volume tick size of the corresponding contract. 
  6. The leg quantities, by themselves or combined, must have a precision under 6 decimals. 
  7. The creation of RFQs is subject to fair use. RFQs may only be created with the intention to trade. 

Please see our RFQ Documentation for more information.