I did not receive a verification e-mail

If you have not received our verification e-mail, please check your spam folder and make sure that you actually gave the correct e-mail address when creating your account.  

Please see below the steps you should take to solve the problem: 

  1. Check your spam folder for an e-mail with the subject "Please confirm your e-mail address".

  2. If the e-mail isn't in your spam folder, please register with the same e-mail address once more. If you have still not received our verification e-mail, please click on the button ‘resend e-mail’ on the sign up screen.

  3. Please note that if the e-mail address that you provided has already been registered with Thalex, we do not send the verification e-mail. Instead, we will send a notification to this e-mail address warning the customer that someone is trying to sign up using the customer’s e-mail address. If you have received this notification, you know that you already have an account with us.